Gentle Giant 

thumbnailThe Gentle Giant, always quiet and alone.

Away from the world, appaled to call it home.

With milieu on his back but peace still near, he stops to smell the fresh air as it quickly comes and disappears.

Misunderstood, for one who is flamboyant and out of reach, his arms stretched afar, but mind clinched to his knees.

To enormous to fit in the crowd, and to taciturn to galumph and protrude sound. As the Giant flourishes with the stars in the night, ubiquitous agony is no where to be found.

Unspoken kindness, unappreciated courtesy, the Giant proceeds down his path, steady with no hurry.

Although the destination is unknown and the course seems forever long, the Gentle Giant must continue forward until he is on heaven’s throne.

Acceptance is not his goal, neither is the gift of love. . those things will arrive with time, the Giant hopes to see peace within the world before it lands and blows its mine.

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