Ominous Clouds

Royal2No one knows me like you do, which is the formidable truth. You see me for who I really am, beyond the woe and sham. 

Your love is so piercing and divine, if the world would end, I could only hope that you would be by my side.

No one knows the hurt and the flaws, when I see through your eyes, everything else is at a pause.
I feel so deeply connected with you at a level so pure, I feel so strongly about this love, nothing is able to obscure.

You’re everything, every thought on my mind, from the moment I arise to when the sun stops to shine.
The words that have been told and the souls which unfold. In the median they append, soul to soul is how I wish to spend.

My life with you has truly just begun, that thing you do is far close to none.
The world sees the outer shell ,while you see within, these words that I write are the truth with no bend.

It may seem hard for me to express my mind no matter how hard I try, the words are always there but I can never grasp them, why?

I want you to understand how I truly feel inside, beyond the butterflies flying around and my thoughts on a crazy ride.
With my eyes wide shut and my mind on nine, through all the world’s obstacles, there is always a silver line.

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