thumbnail-3Brain dead, blood shed, love sent, feelings read.

Overhead, upset, regret, not chosen
Debate, procrastinate, mental case, self woven

Wish upon a star, hope not to die, uncoordinated feelings, eyes wide.

Temptation, greed, unplanted seeds.
Hope, filth, disgust, life peeling away like rust.

Blue, my favorite hue, remnant of the sky,
As a bird flaps its wings, I wish so could I.
Misread, broken hearted, strong head, love tarnished.

Life, strife, unclean in a sense, over analyzed thoughts, chasing cents.
Happiness, trials and tribulations, lessons in faith.

Diligence, consistency, battle field of the mind,
War, love, peace, encrypted true intentions, land mine

Bravery, mental slavery, one life to live, swift moves. Don’t give up on life, because it hasn’t given up on you.

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