Royal Woman

cropped-cropped-royalty_by_svenimal-d6yzgom1.jpgSo eloquent and divine, as the moon sets in the night her beautiful soul still shines.

Not tainted by intense aversion from a scolding society, she walks with such poise making the cement itself furrow after her

Unpretentious in the way she moves through time. So autonomous and aestically pleasing to the eye, that no ordinary man can merely rhyme to the rythm of her heart.

A remarkable Queen in all she does, by God’s amazing Grace, if she had wings they would be convened from feathers of doves.

With no doubt in mind and no fear in heart, cherish the woman you love to the end and from the very start.

She is your Queen and you her King, together the two of you are as powerful as ten beings.

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