Looking through the trees to a starry night sky. - ImgurI often dream about traveling as high as the stars and far as the deepest ocean. Merely often times, I feel like my terminus is far more regal than this terrestrial terrain.

I often wonder the purpose for my own existence.

Why? Who am I ? What am I supposed to do here ? These are the most common questions that ravel and tickle my thoughts.

I get as close to the celestial realm as possible when invocating the creator, but often times I get distracted and feel as if I am being pulled down the further I reach.

Close to you is where I wish to be; In your everlasting presence where there are no signs of worry, and not a speck of discomfort or fear.

Fear of the unknown is what often frightens me. Not knowing, brings disgruntled thoughts and often times carries my introspection to another dimension where I tend to lose track and get lost in the world of my own mind .

Often times, I feel like the thunderous rush of raging blue water from Niagara falls is behind my eyes waiting to be poured out into the world, enough to supply a village without water.

Inspiration, drive, and creativity used to be close by very often, but now it feels as if they have vanished or are on a very long hiatus.

Often, I feel as if I need a hand to guide and push me into the abyss of the unknown to taste the bitter and sweet experience of it on my own.

But often, I realize that my destination of intention is dependent on my own being and how sensibly my moment of time here is used to its fullest potential.

Often times.


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