Royal1What’s a King without his crown ? What’s a Queen who isn’t safe and sound ? The legacy that we leave behind is one that is supposed to be extraordinary, not necessarily lengthy. What we do with the time we are given is solely up to us, the bearers of time.

Whether you help an elder across the street or help provide for families and children overseas, not one of those deeds goes unnoticed. The aphorism that says ” Rome wasn’t built in one day” applies to ordinary things that affect us on the daily. Whether one step at a time or ten, progression is made.

The drive and effort put forth towards what is being seeked of accomplishment is what shows and proves our resumè of selflessness and appreciation to others other than ourselves.

Our God given talents are sometimes hidden, waiting for us to find, seek, and discover that special flair that is within us to be used for a unique purpose. Discover that reason. Crown yourself crownfully.


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