Royal6As the new year briskly approaches, I take time to reflect on goals that I set out to accomplish and completed, as well as ones that did not reach completion.

It isn’t about getting discouraged or down in mind after a misfire, no, it’s about getting back up after your downfalls and prospering forward into the exceeding greatness that awaits.

As time passes each day, we should reflect on the individual day itself, looking back on what blessings occured, as well as what we can do better the next day moving forward.

Life is about constant progression. Sure, things happen that tend to knock us off course into an unintended setback, but the recovery after the setback is what proves to be the blossomed rose in the field of defeat.

Use this new year to set and achieve even greater goals than that were set the year before. If your dreams aren’t enormous enough to scare you out of achieving them, then they aren’t big enough.

Use the fear, doubt, and unsureness that arises to motivate you into reaching what you set out to achieve from the beginning, because in the end, it will all be worth fighting for.

Be your own unique reflection.

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